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Late to the Party

I figured most of you would have heard about this by now, but I mentioned it to a couple of people at Afters, and got nothing but blank stares, so I'm posting.

Susan Boyle, a dumpy, unemployed 47 year old woman from a village in the middle of nowhere went on "Britain's Got Talent", and seriously kicked ass. If you haven't watched the YouTube video of her performance, go there and watch it now. If you want to, skip to 1:35 which is shortly before she starts singing. Then just sit back and listen to her sing "I Dreamed a Dream" for Les Miserables. She's at least as good as the Original London Cast singer, and she was a nobody. Now she's the star of a YouTube video that's gotten over 25 million views, in less than a week.

If she doesn't have a professional contract signed in the next month, it will be because every music exec in the world is an idiot.
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