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This is what ADHD looks like

So, I decided I would call a friend. While scrolling to her number on my cell phone, I noticed another name, thought "???", and checked the details on that other name. There's an email address there! Oops, I was suppose to send her an email a couple of weeks ago to pester her to set up a massage appointment with me. Go to email. Oh, look, several guys who I Friended on Facebook responded. Click on their links, check out their pages.

After about 15 minutes, I remember I was going to send an email. Go back to email program. Oh, cool, Rob responded to my Friend request. Back to Facebook, check out his pictures. 5 minutes later, back to email. Add person to email address book, and send her an email. Go back to phone, resume scrolling to first friend's name. Call. (Get voicemail. :-( )

In all, it only took me about 30 minutes to make the call. :-)
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